CR1800: universal clamp with four positions: 3 or 4 shallow well microplates + covers can be stacked in one position (see the right part of this photo). Also deepwell microplates + covers can be clamped in universal clamps CR1800
The universal cover clamps CR1800 have 4 positions and allow the stacking of up to three or four shallow or half-deepwell microplates + covers (hence a maximum of 12 or 16 plates per full clamp). The cover clamp can be mounted on orbital shaking platforms from a range of suppliers. Since March 2013, all universal clamps are equipped with an improved tightening system. The cross-nut allows easier tightening, and a spring-system limits the force excerted to ~400 Newton, which is perfect for sandwich covers with solid silicone. For sandwich covers with spongy silicone, we advice to first tighten the clamp system maximally, but then to release the cross-nut a half or full turn (180-360 degrees). On most shaking platforms, 4 clamps can be mounted in a row, so allowing the incubation of 48 or 64 microplates + covers. Since 2014, we also supply such 4-position clamps with a slightly larger groundplate, that allows clamping onto EPFL tables from Kuhner shakers (order number: CR1800c). We also supply universal cover clamps with 2 positions (CR1600)
The extra high cover clamps CR1801 (photo on the left) are similar to clamp CR1800 (the same groundplate), but have higher pillars, so that they can also accomodate extra high microtiter plates (such as our 6-well plate, or the 24-deepwell “hitplate 25” from HJ-bioanalytik, with a well volume of 25 ml, and a well height of 85 mm; see the utter right position in the photo on the left) We also supply such extra high 4-position clamps with a slightly larger groundplate, that allows clamping onto EPFL tables from Kuhner shakers (order number: CR1801c).
CR1801: an extra high universal clamp that can also hold extra deepwell plates + covers
The clamps for Presens SDR units CR1802 and CR1602 (with 2 and 4 positions respectively) have more space between the pillars near the groundplate, so that they can accomodate the SDR units (see photo on the left)
CR1801c: an extra high universal clamp to be clamped onto Kuhner EPFL shaker tables
CR0021a: Carbon clamp-unit for flushing purposes, with an inlet and outlet (for anearobic growth, or for CHO-cell (that need 5% CO2), or other cultures that need a specific gas atmosphere
CR0021b: Carbon clamp-unit with stainless steel right angle bracket (for universal clamps CR1600, CR1800, etc, to prevent upper plates to "fly out")
Universal clamp systems