Microplates: Background information on types of plastic (polypropylene vs polystyrene) 6 well microplates 24 well microplates 96 well microplates We also supply sandwich covers for most other commercially avalable microplates with 96 or 24 wells (see sandwich covers). All commercially available 96-well plates have the same format, with a well-to-well distance of 9 mm. For 24-well plates the situation is less clearcut. Some plates have a heart-to-heart well- to-well distance of 18 mm, some others (especially roundwell plates) 19.5 mm. Most 24 well plates are symmetrical, but not all. The 24 shallow roundwell plates of Corning (used a lot for especially CHO-cells) are not symmetrical.
example of a (disposable) polystyrene microplate (CR1496c)