An efficient way to assist you in making the right choices: 1) You send us a description of your project/application by E-mail ( info(at) ), preferably with the following info: What type of strain / cell line is being used The type of product of interest (e.g. an enzyme, an anitibody, a secondary metabolite, etc) The cultivation time (number of days) The growth temperature Your inoculation procedure What the minimally required culture volume is What minimal accuracy is required (maximal variability of independent duplicates) The number of clones/mutants/conditions to be screened The type of orbital shakers available in your lab (what trade mark, what shaking diameter) 2) We respond by E-mail or by phoning. Together, we establish what combinations of culture volume - microplate - sandwich cover - clamp system - shaking conditions is the most suitable for your purpose. 3) We supply you with a such a system which you test on a limited number of strains/mutants/cell lines, mainly to assess the reproducibility (standard deviation among independent duplicates), the productivity in comparison to your present cultivation systems (e.g. shake flasks or tubes). 4) In a phonecall, we together evaluate these initial tests, and decide which system to use for the full screenings Note: It is our experience (having worked in this way with already more than 100 customers) that it is worth to spend enough time on the optimization of the inoculation and screening procedure: it is often better to spend 8 weeks on optimization and 2 weeks on the screening itself than the other way around..