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List sandwich covers for 6 deepwell MTPs
CR1206: Sandwich cover for 6 deepwell MTPs fits on our 6 -square deepwell MTPs (CR1406) culture volumes: 25-35 ml size holes in silicone layer: 4 x 5 mm exchange of headspace air: 7.5 ml / minute evaporation rate (30ºC, 50% humidity): 150 µl/well/day purpose: 3-15 days cultivations, also slow growing cell-lines
for adviced shaking conditions see page with videos 6 deepwell MTPs
CR1306: Universal Sandwich covers for 6-lowwell plates  Sandwich covers CR1306 allow culture volumes of 5-10 ml in MTPs with 6 round wells as e.g. available from Greiner and BD. These kind of plate-cover combination are only suitable for cultures with low oxygen demands (e.g. eukaryotic cell cultures) and do not permit shaking faster than 60 rpm.